Redaction - RedX

RedX an InDesign plugin that allows you to mark up text for later Redaction in Acrobat. The marks can be selectively turned on or off. The plugin reduces the amount of markup / redaction in Acrobat by remembering the redacted areas in InDesign. 
InDesign plugin RedX markup copy for redaction
Choose the colour from preferences. Use the check boxes to highlight / show the redacted text in InDesign. The check boxes also determine if the text should be redacted in the PDF document. An Acrobat script converts the marked / highlighted text into redacted areas on the PDF.

The preferences.
InDesign plugin RedX preferences redaction plugin

Some screen shots.
Showing the highlighted markup in InDesign
Showing a selective view of the markup in InDesign.
Show the marked up copy in Acrobat before the conversion to redaction.
The redacted copy in Acrobat after running the conversion script.

Batch redaction. RedX has a search script that can redact from a word list, grep expressions. It can even find RedX.

InDesign plugin Redaction batch find redact

The found copy can be optionally displayed with some context.

Due for release late January 2021