Baker Export

InDesign HTML Export, create beautiful interactive content for mobile and tablet in a few clicks from InDesign.

You can get the demo Mac CC 2018 plugin here, any questions? Drop us a line email.

Sample pages.

An Overlay panel.

InDesign Baker Export is an InDesign script that creates HTML files from InDesign layouts. The HTML files are exported on a spread by spread basis, each spread has a folder where the HTML and images are stored. A HTML index file and a Baker Framework json file are created. The index file can be used to navigate the 'micro site'.

The plugin / scripts are designed to allow the injection of custom effects and functionality. When a page item is exported the main plugin calls out to external code nuggets. Example, the plugin ships with 3 different text frame exports, PNG, HTML and SVG, depending on the template / code nugget set to the text frame determines the style of output.

The script also has an experimental ePub export.


Would you like a demo plugin? Please email us.

Where can I buy the plugin? Drop us an email.


Each InDesign page item has a default export template, this can be overridden. Templates are assigned to page items through the Baker Export palette.

The above picture is showing the available templates for a text frame. You can add your own templates to the palette by dropping them into the Baker Exporters templates folder. Each template has a java script and a HTML file. When the document is exported the java script is called to inject the HTML into the output stream.

You do not need to use the palette. The plugin knows what a text frame, picture, graphic, line, table, what ever... should be. Just load the plugin and press preview, or build, to see the whole document. Some times it is hard to render special effects in HTML ( outer glow ), on these occasions you can over ride the default template and set it to export as a PNG, or you could create your own special effect, see, creating your own template.

The preview button is used to quickly see the current InDesign spread in your browser.

The prefs button allows you to set export options, see here.

Let your imagination go wild. With a little bit of java script and CSS / HTML you can create your own templates / effects.

Creating your own template.

If that all sounds too much, we can help.

Create your HPub header in your InDesign document.



Slide Shows.




Book Mark Navigation.


Maps, Audio and Video.

HPub Header.

Under the Ink.

ePub Read Aloud


Would you like a demo plugin? Please email us.

Where can I buy the plugin? Drop us an email.


If you have any suggestions as to what we should include, please email us.

What is the Baker Framework?

"Baker is a HTML5 based digital publication framework for publishing interactive books & magazines on iPad & iPhone using simply open web standards"

The Baker Framework web site.

**1, Kerntiff, we can offer custom software for InDesign in Adobes java script or in native compiled C++ plugins, from InDesign 5.5 to the very latest cloud version.