ePub Read Aloud

This software is in very early bets testing and is not ready for general release.

You can download a sample ePub here.

The audio for this sample was provided by: Elizabeth Klett, please visit her web site.


The original SMIL files were provided by: Alberto Pettarin, his web site.


Adding Read Aloud / SMIL attributes to the InDesign document for export to ePub.

The above image shows our beta SMIL Editor. This script adds SMIL attributes to the selected text. The attributes are exported as a HTML id, e.g. <id="f_003"/>, sound fragment 3. The corresponding SMIL entry would be <text src="../KPS.xhtml#f_003" /> .

When setting the attributes with the auto check box checked the plugin will automatically select the next, Word, Line or Paragraph. To determine the SMIL id, select the text and the list will update to show the SMIL id of the selection.

If you are going to use the InDesign FXL ePub, use the Embed button to have the SMIL ids inserted into the current page as a HTML object for exporting to ePub. The ePub will have to be opened and modifications made to the code, see Embedded SMIL.

If you are using our experimental ePub export, the SMIL ids will be automatically inserted into the output.

The display colour of the attribute can be set through the scripts preferences.

The movie is showing the script setting the SMIL attribute a line at a time.

Proposed features.

1, Export as a web overlay.

2, Hide / show the attribute.

3, Export the attributes as buttons with roll over effect and play sound.

4, Preferences for the attribute colours.

5, Export to pdf, see 3.