Font and Colour Exchange

In the KPSExport/KPSMaps folder you will find a file FontExChangeCache.txt. Use this file to create a list of font mappings.


"TypographyofCoop Forged", sans-serif

"TypographyofCoop-Forged", sans-serif

"Girard Sansusie", sans-serif

"A funny font", sans-serif


The list can be used to correct font name errors or to use a different font. Blank lines are ignored.

The ColourMap.txt file (found in the KPSExport folder) is used to map InDesign colours to web friendly colours. You can use the colour name 'red'. In this case we are mapping red to a very nice pink colour.







Here is a useful link to to a colour wheel.

The FontWeightMap.txt file allows you to override the font weights that the plugin generates. The file consists of pairs of lines.

Font family name

font weights


Helvetica Neue (T1)

light,100,57 Condensed,200,bold,700