HPub Header

Our HPub header allows you to set the fields of the book.json file.

From the 'KPS Baker Export' menu select 'HPub Header...'. The data entered here will live in the document, exported to the Baker json file on build.

The built HPub header populated with the above fields.


"hpub": 1,

"title": "aTitle"

"author": ["bAuthor"]

"url": "cUrl"

"creator": [dCreator]

"publisher": "ePublisher"

"date": "fDate"

"orientation": "0"

"zoomable": true

"cover": "gCover"

"-baker-background": "1Background"

"-baker-background-image-portrait": "2Image-portrait"

"-baker-background-image-landscape": "3Image-landscape"

"-baker-page-numbers-color": "1"

"-baker-page-numbers-alpha": 2

"-baker-page-screenshots": "PAGE SCREEN SHOTS"

"-baker-rendering": "0"

"-baker-vertical-bounce": true

"-baker-media-autoplay": true

"-baker-vertical-pagination": true

"-baker-page-turn-tap": true

"-baker-page-turn-swipe": true

"-baker-index-height": 100

"-baker-index-width": 200

"-baker-index-bounce": true

"-baker-start-at-page": 9999

"contents": [