The Preferences

Preferences accessed from the palette.

All defaults can be overridden by the designer.

TextFrame. This popup allows you to set the default text export for the document. There are currently 3 exports for text, PNG, HTML and SVG on paths.

TextPaths. This is the default export for text paths, PNG or SVG.

MSO. This allows you to set the default for MSO export. Some documents just require a simple click through MSO, you can set that here.

PDF. PDFasSVG, this is an experimental export for placed PDFs. The export attempts to export placed pdfs as svg, can lead to big files. You can change default to PNG.

Export JPEG if original is JPEG. If the original media file is available and is JPEG the exported image will be a JPEG.

Open index after build. Opens the index.html in your default browser after a full build.

Optimise Groups, When checked, if all items in the group are the same and do not have any animations, they will exported as a single object.

Use object export options. Try to use the options set in the object preferences.

HTML text if angle. This only applies to SVG text export. The SVG text export does not work with text on an angle. The default would be PNG.

Creates object CSS. Creates object CSS for simple page items.

Debugging code. This will leave the styles an the scripts in the html file.

MSO default state 1. Some times the MSO might be left at the wrong state in the design, this will export all MSO at state 1.

Zip the folder. Zips the folder after the build.

Ignore Overset Text. Left uncheck overset text is put into a scrolling text frame using the default text export.

Float buttons. Exports buttons last, so they appear above page items.

The quality.


Colour space.

Transparent background.

Anti Alias.

Bleed settings.

Simulate overprint.

Only text frames. This applies to the resolution, you might want text to be 144 ppi and images to be at 72.

The quality of the output.

The format method.


The colour space.

Embed the profile.

Anti Alias.

Document bleed.

Simulate overprint.

U Ink, under the ink.

Book preferences, more soon.


Indesign baker export preferences.