hPub Producer, an InDesign script / plugin that exports InDesign documents / spreads to HTML.

Once the plugin is installed a new menu is added to the menu bar.

To access the palette, choose Show / Hide Palette.

The hPub Producer palette.

Preview, previews the current spread in your default browser.

Build, exports the current document to HTML in a hPub structure, micro site. Press the shift key to stop the build.

Prefs, the plugins preferences, see below. Hold the shift key down while pressing this button will reset the plugins preferences.

Build Book, exports the current InDesign book to HTML in a hPub structure. Press the shift key to stop the build.

?, button, brings you here.

The result of the the build or build book can be found in your documents / KPS Export folder.

There is a new preference panel FXL. Use this to make the plugin export InDesign FXL. ( more soon )

You can download the beta / demo here.

hPub Producer Preferences / Defaults.

Export JPEG if original is JPEG. If the original file is a JPEG the plugin will try to export the image as a JPEG instead of a PNG. This might be useful if the image doesn't have any transparency or file size is important.

Open index after build. Opens the index.html file in your default browser after the build.

Optimise Groups. If the InDesign group does not have any effects / animations and is of the same type the plugin will export the group as a single item.

MSO default state 1. When checked the plugin will export all MSOs set the state 1.

Zip the folder. When the build is complete the plugin will zip the hPub structure / micro site into a zip archive with a .hpub extension.

Create Object CSS, the plugin will attempt to export the page item as CSS. If the page item is a rectangle and has a simple fill colour.

Export Links to navto, some app readers / viewers expect the initial links to be a href with navto, href="navto//path..".

hPub Producer Preferences / PNG.

All the setting on this panel are the same as InDesign, except the Only text frames.

When Only text frames is checked the plugin will export text frames at the higher resolutions of 144, all other page items will be at the lower 72 PPI. To export all page items at the higher PPI, uncheck this box.

HPub Producer Preferences JPEG.

All the settings on this panel are the same as InDesign.

The hPub Header is used to set various attributes to the publication.

hPub Header.

Here is a short movie of an export running in PhoneGap on an iPad.

The export is not fully automatic, we copied the exported files into the PhoneGap structure.




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