OverSet OverMatter


An InDesign Plugin that shows the OverSet or OverMatter text from a text frame or table cell in a tool tip type bubble. The plugin also shows the content of Track Changes delete marks and InDesign Notes.

The picture of the tool tip above is showing the content of a Track Change delete mark and the overset text.

The plugin has some preferences that allow you to control the view.

Show OverMatter Tool Tip enables the plugin in the layout view.

Only Show OverMatter When in The Last Frame causes the plugin to only show the OverMatter when the mouse is over the last frame in a set of linked text frames.

The OverMatter will only appear as a PDF Post It note when you print to interactive PDF.

Below are screen shots of an InDesign layout showing the tooltip and a screen shot of a PDF showing the sticky notes.

You can download a sample PDF here. You will need to download the file to see the PDF Stickies.

*Note the yellow under line and green caret are drawn by the EditMarks plugin.

Available for Mac / Win InDesign CS4, 5, 5.5 and 6.

You can buy OverSet OverMatter here.

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InDesign overset text, OverMatter text

InDesign Over Matter, InDesign Over Set Text, InDesign Over flow text.