PricePanels is a Quark XPress XTension or InDesign plugin that creates brochure price panels and CSQs. The Plugin / XTension can work at a client level where the user builds panels on pages as they are needed, or, as a server application.

PricePanels Server builds, PDFs for proofing, enhanced data for manual alterations, EPSfs and complete XPress structures for placing on the brochure page. The server can also place the completed panel on the correct page.

Some pricing systems can not maintain the full descriptions of parts of the panel. PricePanels XT / Plugin overcomes this by using XStrings to enhance the price panel data. The enhanced data can be used to populate other systems or the web.

XStrings is a very basic grep, a find and replace type application.

Some Samples

Typical PricePanel flow chart

We also offer a full PricePanel building service, contact us for more information.