Flow Chart

The Diagram below shows a typical work flow.


1, Your pricing system.

2, Watched folders, this is where your pricing system puts its data.

3, Red box contains all the Panel Server components

4, The file manager scans the watched folders and passes data to 5.

5, Data Conversion Manager does simple string exchanges and some special character swaps. It can also create an Excel ( CSV ) file for easy manipulation of the data, Round Trip.

6, Panel Creator makes an internal representation of the panel and passes it onto 7, 8 and 9

7, Postscript Generator, creaates a Postscript file ready for Adobe Distiller.

8, EPSF Generator, creates an EPSF to go onto you XPress brochure pages.

9, XPress File Generator, creates an XPress file so your users can correct panels.

10, Update Manager, passes corrected XPress documents back to 8 and 9.

11, Round Trip, passes data to 5.

12, Round Trip in folder is where your user would place modified data files.

13, A folder where your users would place modified XPress files.

14, A folder where the Panel Server places XPress documents containing bult panels.

15, A folder where the EPSF files are placed, your users place these files on the brochure pages.

16, A folder where Postscript files are place so Adobe Distiller can create PDFs.

17, The Adobe Distiller Application.

18, A folder containing PDFs for proofing.

19, A folder where your users can pick up an easy readable data file.