EditMarks Change / Side Bars

EditMarks Change Bars helps the proof reader find changes quickly.

When Change Bars are printed to interactive PDF or print,  the proof reader can find changes quickly.

The Change Bars are drawn adjacent to a change in the left margins of the frame. The changes are recorded by EditMarks or InDesign track changes.

Change Bars can work with our EditMarks plugin, or you can use it with InDesign track changes. When using ChangeBars with EditMarks it is possible to show changes bars at specific revision levels.

The Change Bars are a visual in layout view, they do not hold or add a presence to the document. 

The screen shot is showing EditMarks Change Bars in the layout view. The Proof Reader can quickly find where changes have been made.

**Note: The blue highlight is drawn by EditMarks. The vertical red bar is the EditMarks Change / Side Bars plugin.

ChangeBars in layout view with EditMarks visible

Change Bars can be aware of EditMarks Revisions.

The preferences allow you to set the colour of the change bar, width and relative position.
Editmarks blacklining solution change bars preferences

Use EditMarks Revisions causes the plugin to reflect the current revision settings. If EditMarks is only showing the last revision you will only see change bars for that revision. EditMarks needs to be loaded for this feature to work.

Draw On Screen causes the plugin to draw the change bars on screen. This can only be used as an indication as the change bars do not belong to any page item. For best results, zoom out.

Draw To PDF, prints the change bars to interactive PDF.

Page mode is used to make the plugin only draw at the edge of the page.

Page mode, draw right, right page, the plugin will the vertical rule on the right side of a right handed page.

You can buy this plugin here.

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