InDesign find change GREP results in a list with context.

You can download the beta 1.0.17b here.

1, The list of founds.

2, Choose the find change grep query. All saved find change GREPS can be selected from the menu.

3, The Search button performs the currently select query.

4, Select the previous item in the list.

5, Change changes a single item in the found list.

6, Select the next item in the list.

7, Change All, changes all found items in the found list.

8, Search Type focuses the search on areas on the document / documents. All documents, document, story, selection.

9, Auto Select, brings the selected item into document view.

10, Show Context wraps the found text in some contextual content.

11, The + / - button shows extra search functions.

When the + button has been expanded.

12, Find What, what are you looking for.

13, Change to, what you want the script to change the found stuff to.

14, Grep, tells the script you are GREPing.

15, Use Query Format, loads the query so extra attributes from the saved query are applied when you select the change button.

16, Auto Advance, advances the selected list item when the change is made.


Show the find change, GREP results with context. Here we are looking rogue spaces before punctuation.