What are Revisions

EditMarks Revisions are periods in time. Each revision has a start and end date / time. The current revision has the end date / time left open. The current revision is the last revision created. When EditMarks is on all inserts and deletes are made in the current revision.

This type of revision is very flexible. You could choose to create a new revision when the document is opened, every day the document is worked on, or even every hour. Or you can create a new revision just because you want one.

When you turn EditMarks on for the first time revision 1 is automatically created. All inserts and deletes will belong to revision 1 until you create a new revision.

Consider the idea of creating a revision every day. If your customer wanted to see all the changes made on a Thursday of a particular week, you would simply select the revision made on that day.

The above picture is showing all revisions.

EditMarks showing the revisions 4-4 ( Thursday ).

The following sequence of pictures show deletes and revisions in caret and strikethrough view.

A clean document before EditMarks have been made.

We have now deleted del1 in revision 1, in caret view

We have now deleted del2 in revision 2, in caret view. Note the blue caret.

We are now showing strikethrough in revision 1 - 1.

We are now showing strikethrough in revisions 1 - 2.

We are now showing strikethrough in revision 2 - 2.

We are now showing caret view 1 - 1, note the red caret.

*note, red is revision 1, blue is revision 2.