EditMarks for Word

EditMarks for Microsoft Word. ( in development )

29 May 2020 We are still in development. Here is a screen shot of the plugin with a new palette. We now have Changed Pages Only working. The Consolidated view removes the deleted inserts from the view.

More soon....


Show insertions, deletions by revision. A revision is a point in the life of a document when you want to mark changes from here. This might be a time when the current draft has been approved but there is more work to be done. Revisions are used to see changes made in a specific time frame. This helps un-clutter the view.

EditMarks is a Ribbon add-in for Word. You will find all the controls in one place.

1, On button. Turns EditMarks on / off, when on track changes / EditMarks are recorded.

2, Hide button. Hides EditMarks.

3, New. Create a new EditMarks revision.

4, From popup menu. Selects the from revision to display.

5, To popup menu. Selects the to revision to dispaly.

6, Inline EditMarks button. Displays a compress track changes / EditMarks.

7, Strike Through EditMarks button. Displays a verbose form of track changes / EditMarks.

8, Consolidate View. Displays a stripped from of track changes / EditMarks. Removes from the display any deleted insertions.

9, Change Bar popup menu. Change the orientation / visibility of the Change Bar.

Inline EditMarks showing the minimum markup.

Strike Through EditMarks show all markup

In revision 1, we overtyped text with copy.

In revison 2, we overtyped copy with TEXT.

In revision 3, we replaced EXT with ext.

Consolidate View EditMarks shows cleaned up markup

EditMarks showing 5 revisions with strke through. ( note the from and to popup menus )

EditMarks showing 3 revisions with strke through. ( note the from and to popup menus and the lack of strike through on lines 1 and 2 )

Revision 5 without Strike Through, inline EditMarks. ( note the from and to popup menus )


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Word revisions by date