ImageNavigator. A free script that helps you find images within your InDesign documents and books. Easily find images without links.

The script is very handy when looking for images that do not have a proper link. The image might have been pasted from another application. If the script can not detect a proper link or file type then "????" and "NO PATH" will be displayed in the type and image columns.

Hold the Alt key down while clicking the list, the list will expand the Image into a new scrollable box.

If the "Jump on 1 click" check box is unchecked you can use the up down arrows to see the content of the Hyperlink. Alt click first.

Use the update button to update the list.

Use the popup menu to sort the list by Type and page number,

Use the RL button to relink the image. The search field is used as a partial match when filtering the files. Leach the search field blank for an exact match. To show all files put an asterisk * in the search field.

Use the Search button with the search field to find a Image in the list.

The R button will create a report that can be loaded into Excel.

The ? button will take you to our web site.

You can download the free script here.

We have an VERY early beta of our context menu image re-linker here.

To install, copy the script to your Scripts Panel folder in the scripts folder in your InDesign application folder.

You can contact us here.

Keep up to date with what we are working on TWITTER.


InDesign script image navigating, finding images in InDesign.