ExtraTools. A way for you to add extra functionality to IndexUtilities.

Just drop your script into the 'extratools' folder and they will appear in the Extra Tools sub menu.

We have started the ball rolling by supplying a few of our own utilities.

IndexRefRemover, clears your document of embedded markers.

OrphanMerger, removes all orphans within the index, joining the sub entry to the main heading.

OrphanKiller, removes single sub entries.

PageRanger, condenses page numbers. 11, 12, 13 == 11-13.

OrphanMarkerRemover, removes unwanted InDesign embedded index markers

RemoveTempImportBoxes, cleans up, removes the temporary text frames after an index has been imported.

You will find the extratools folder here. Root/Applications/Adobe InDesign CSxxx/Plug-Ins/KPS IndexUtilities/extratools

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