QuickIndex Palette

1, A clickable list showing the found string. Alt click the list to exclude the found string from the index.

2, The paragraph style to search for.

3, The character style to search for.

4, The string to search for.

5, The search button.

6, Add all the found items in the list to the index.

7, The main heading of the index entry. To exclude this found string from the index put an asterisk "*" at the start of this field.

8, A popup menu that shows all the current topics / main entries, populates field no. 7. Use this menu with the search button to find the topics / main entries in the document.

9, Special sort criteria added to the InDesign index entry.

10, The page range for this index.

11, The sub heading for this index entry.

12, Special sort criteria for the sub entry.

13, Add this index to the InDesign index at the current selection point.

14, Flip the sub with the main.

15, When checked, clicking into the list will cause the plugin to bring the selection into view.

16, About the plugin, can take you to our web site.

17, Reveals extra sub fields, only available in the full InDesign plugin.