EditMarks In Review

A review on EditMarks

EditMarks is an essential tool for production and typesetting service providers in the financial reporting and publishing space. It is a plugin for InDesign that allows proofreaders and clients to easily identity where changes have been made in an InDesign document. This is particularly useful when cross-checking against previous markups.

If you are familiar with how time consuming it can be searching to see if a period/comma markup up was implemented, then you will really appreciate the way EditMarks simply and neatly indicates to you in the margin of the document, exactly at which line the markup was to be made with a clear line in the margin and a carat mark at the actual point of insertion or deletion. No more hunting down the illusive comma!

EditMarks is particularly useful when working with figure changes in financial layouts. In the production process when figure changes are bouncing back and forth between the client, auditors and typesetters, EditMarks enables all parties to easily see that all changes have been effected correctly.

EditMarks gives the parties the opportunity to choose between accepting all changes between the various versions in the production process, or to retain previous changes, but hide them by simply creating a new layer of EditMarks. Should there be a need to backtrack to see at which point a change was made, the user can switch between layers of changes to find the questionable change.

Furthermore, should it be necessary, all previous versions of changes can be turned on and viewed at the same time or alternatively, the user can toggle between earlier versions.

EditMarks undoubtedly makes the production process more streamlined and more manageable, and thereby saving time.

The writers/creators of EditMarks are constantly working on improving the plugin and keep up to date with current versions of InDesign.

Joan Baker

Collaboration Corporation

Integrated annual report design, typesetting and production services


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