An InDesign script that converts the current select into an inline object and applies an object style.

Our example is in ID6 which has the object settings.

Wrap around bounding box set and the Auto Sizing set to Height Only.

If you are running ID 5 or 5.5 yo will see an extra check box on the InLiner palette.

ID 6 has an auto fit / size feature that should be used.

In 5 and 5.5 our check box should automatically size the frame to fit. We recommend setting 'Wrap around bounding box', in Text Wrap & Other.

If the selection is on a single line, it is possible to keep the inline box positioned in the line, hold the alt key while pressing Make Inline. The object style should be designed with this in mind.

With careful object style settings it is possible to create side heads.

By setting the Anchored Object Options to custom you can set the anchored position to be out side the parent text frame.

The anchored text 'To beate...' will move with the anchor 'Et reicid....'.

You can download the script, here.

You can download sample ID documents, ID5 sample and ID6 sample.

To install, copy the script to your Scripts Panel folder in the scripts folder in your InDesign application folder.

To use the script, open the script panel ( Menu, Windows -> Utilities - > scripts ), locate the script and double click.

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