Import / place your SKY or CINDEX RTF index file into the correct pages in your document.

Preparing your index for import.

The index import routines use InDesigns topic separator string to determine the topic from the page locators. We recommend using a double space.

Select the index or part of the index and open the IndexImporter palette.

Use the Index Import palette to check your index entires. Add any special sort by strings that might be needed.

Close any documents not connected to this index. This is important, IndexImporter works on page numbers. Unwanted documents will be included in the page number calculations and may affect where index markers are placed.

Open the book or document you want to create an index for. In the case of a book you should open all the documents in the book.

When the import is complete you will see an alert stating the number of index entries added.

To speed the import, close the InDesign index palette.

Some tags.

InDesign index import. Automatic index InDesign. InDesign index from SKY