An InDesign plugin that shows what is under the layout.

A floating palette that shows the content of: index markers, notes, track changes / EditMarks, conditional text... Overset text, the copy in the little red box.

The preferences allow you to filter what you see in the palette.

Use the check boxes to filter your view in the palette.

MoreInfo is accessed from a menu item under the Window menu.

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M wrote. "Amazing! It’s a wonderful"

"– Recently we received the Kerntiff plugin “MoreInfo” to use with the actual version of Indesign. in 2013 we started with the predecessor “IndexToolTip“ and during all the years the plugins turned out to be a reliable and useful companion.

Due to client requirements we work and collaborate within large bookfiles containing lots of manually set index markers. Working only with Indesign’s built index feature in several open documents of a bookfile, it’s extremely annoying to figure out, what hides behind a certain index marker. It’s so helpful having MoreInfo’s tiny palette showing the content of the index marker, only by moving the cursor near to it. Amazing! It’s a wonderful little tool, that helps us saving a lot of time. –"