QuickIndex is a convenient way to add index markers in InDesign. The floating palette is automatically populated from the current selection.

Use the flip button to switch main with sub. The sort by apply special sorting to the index. Pg Rg: sets the page range for the index.

Use the Topics menu to select the main index heading from the document / book index.

Command keys can be set for Add and Flip.

New. Quick Index with search and search for applied character and / or para style.

The search field works with the character / paragraph style popups to form a logical AND. Clear the search field to search for any text marked with a style sheet. Set the character popup to none to search for text.

The Whole Words check box makes the script look for whole words. For example, if you search for 'any' as a whole word, QuickIndex disregards 'many'.

Use the List button to choose a file with a list of index entries. The file must be a text file.

To edit a found index, click into the list, key over the appropriate fields. To exclude a found index, mark the main with an asterisk "*", or alt click on the list.

The palette explained here.

Download the free version here. Version 2.1.0b.

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