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If you do not find a download link for the script you are interested in, please email us. emailKerntiff.

Mega bundle link. Contains most of the scripts listed below.

These free InDesign scripts were written for a particular job. If they fail or do not do quite what you want please contact us.

RunRuntNavigator view and navigate style over rides.

Grep Styles On Off Grep Styles are fantastic, but they can slow you down. InDesign will run the grep every time the text is composed, this can be a lot on long documents and this can take a long time.

ButtonNavigator, quickly view and navigate all the button and controls in your InDesign document.

Index2Bookmarks, creates books from the InDesign index markers for output to interactive PDF.

Button Slideshow, create slide shows for interactive PDF.

InLiner, a Free InDesign script that makes the current text selection an inline object and applies an object style.

AreaTool, a Free InDesign script that reports the area of selected items in inches.

AfterOpenSaveIDML, a FREE InDesign script that silently creates an IDML backup of the document being opened.

InDesign PDF Tooltip, a free script that helps you add tooltips in InDesign for PDF output.

InDesign FontStuff, a collection of free scripts that work with fonts.

Rename Fonts folder, disables the document fonts folder, useful when working off of a server.

GREPXtra shows the results of the find change in a list, and some extra stuff.

Xchange Strings / XStrings, A free script that allows you to create multi find / change sets

PictureTaste, A script that gives you a palette of your favourite images.

NoteNavigator. A script that helps you navigate your InDesign notes.

Conditions Navigator. Easily find conditional text with in InDesign documents / books.

HighLightPen. Highlight possible errors to help your proof readers.

Overset Navigator, A free script that helps you find overset text in InDesign.

ObjectNotes. Apply script labels to objects, can be printed using PDFStickies and works with NoteNavigator.

AssignmentNavigator. A free script that helps you find assignments in InDesign documents.

IndexNavigator. A free script that helps you locate / see your embedded index markers.

EditMarks Navigator. A free script that helps you locate InDesign EditMarks / Track Changes.

EditMarksViewer. A free script that helps you see EditMarks, InDesign Track Changes in the layout view.

HyperLink Navigator. A free script that helps you find your hyperlinks quickly.

LinkNavigator. A free script that helps you navigate links in InDesign documents and books.

ImageNavigator. A free script that helps you find images within you InDesign documents and books. Easily find images without links.

QuickIndex, A free script that helps you quickly create embedded index entries.

Override Navigator. A free script that helps you find style overrides and quickly correct them.

AfterPlace. A free script that attempts to fix an InDesign 6 image placing problem.

AfterPlaceObjectReseter. A free script that clears object overrides after a place action.

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