EditMarks preferences are found under the InDesign->Preferences->EditMarks menu item.

EditMarks preferences allow you to change:

Revision colours, choose the revision and then select the colour.

Rule size, the width of the underline.

Rule offset. the offset from the standard EditMarks position.

Caret height Y, the height of the caret.

Caret width X, the width of the caret.

Caret offset, from the baseline.

Strike size, the width of the strikethrough.

Strike Offset, the offset from the standard strikethrough position.

Show deleted inserts in strikethrough. If the delete was originally an insert this check box causes EditMarks to draw the delete with an underline ( insert ) and struckthrough ( delete ) when in strikethrough mode. The underline and strikethrough are drawn in their respective colours.

To set the colour of the revision, choose the revision number and then select the colour.

When the All Revisions check box is checked, EditMarks uses the revision 1 colour for all revisions.

Draw EditMarks in front, EditMarks will draw over the type, otherwise the marks will be drawn behind the type.

If you do not like our caret or underlines we can create custom drawing plugins for you.