EditMarks has all the tools you need to manage and track editorial changes in InDesign desktop. EditMarks is compatible with EditMarks InDesign Server plugins.

An EditMarks Review

The picture above, red highlight is revision 1 and the blue is revision 2. The caret marks can be expanded to show the delete.

The EditMarks palette explained.

The EditMarks Manual

EditMarksNavigator, a FREE InDesign script that helps you quickly find EditMarks / InDesign Track Changes.


  • Show inserts in the layout view.

  • Show inserts within inserts with the use of EditMarks Revisions.

  • Show deletes in the layout view, either as a caret or in strikethrough.

  • Highlight changes in the layout view.

  • Able to navigate through the changes and accept or reject individual changes.

  • ----------------------------------------------------------

  • Optionally have the caret showing in strike

  • Filter the view by revision number.

  • Have up to 244 revision levels with different colours.

  • Show inserts and deletes between two revision numbers.

  • Customisable preferences for: caret size, caret position, underline size, underline position.

  • Accept or reject individual changes or the whole document.

  • The ability to track deleted insertions.

  • The ability to distinguish between contiguous insertions made by the same user at different revision levels

  • ----------------------------------------------------------

  • Print changes.

  • Show inserts as underline.

  • Show deletes as a caret mark.

  • -----------------------------------------------------------

  • Generate CPO, Change Page Only sequence of pages, to paste into the export dialog

  • -----------------------------------------------------------

  • Compatible with Story Editor.

  • -----------------------------------------------------------

  • **Print EditMarks as Interactive PDF annotations through the PDFStickies plugin.

  • -----------------------------------------------------------

  • *ChangeBar markers with the ChangeBar plugin;

  • -----------------------------------------------------------

  • Here are two PDFs of EditMarks test sheet. PDF1 PDF2. PDF1 shows caret view and PDF2 shows strike.

  • -----------------------------------------------------------

  • Scripts

  • EditMarks scripts, EditMarks Navigator, displays a list of marks in the document.

  • EditMarks scripts, EditMarks ManualMarks, makes marks in the document.

  • EditMarks scripts, EditMarks Compressed View, removes the deleted inserts from strikethrough.

  • Please email us about scripts.

Here is a short movie of EditMarks, the movie.

Available for Mac and Windows InDesign CS6 and all CC 2015 - 2021. If you do not see your version please contact us.

You can buy EditMarks here.

You can contact us here.

EditMarks with side bar markers.

EditMarks manual marks. You can download the script here.

To request a demo plugin or get more information please email us.

Things we are thinking of adding to EditMarks. Linky.

**PDFStickies plugin is purchased separately.

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