Kerntiff Publishing Systems

Kerntiff creates PlugIns and scripts for InDesign.

For development work, please contact us.

Some of our products:

EditMarks tracks insertions and deletions in InDesign. The plugin draws the inserts marked with an underline and the deletes are shown as a caret mark. EditMarks can show the deletes in strikethrough in the layout view. Strikethrough is drawn as struckthrough, and underlined if a deleted insertion.

EditMarks is intended for users who need to see an accurate record of editorial changes within the life cycle of the document. Ideal for legal documents, report and accounts.

indesign editmarks blacklining redlining InDesign redlining blacklining track change plugin showing inserts and deletes with revisions.

The picture above, red highlight is revision 1 and the blue is revision 2.

EditMarks. The EditMarks Suite in one plugin accessed through one palette.

EditMarksNavigator, a FREE InDesign script that helps you quickly find EditMarks / InDesign Track Changes.

EditMarks for InDesign Server.

Our other products include:

IndexUtilities, a collection of scripts and plugins to help the indexer create embedded indexes in InDesign.

SpellProofID a plugin that prints and highlights spelling errors.

PDFStickies a plugin that puts your InDesiign notes into interactive PDF annotations.

Baker Export, export from InDesign to HTML keeping most of your InDesign structure.

InDesign Baker Export, create beautiful interactive content for mobile and tablet in a few clicks from InDesign

hPub Producer, export from InDesign to the hPub micro site format.

You will find loads more Plugins and XTensions at If they don't have what you are looking for, please contact us.

For more information about any of these plugins, please contact us

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